Saturday, 12 March 2011

~seNSe PerCeptiOn and CoGniTive~

sense perception:: as we already know, we have five sense
+ sight
+ hear
+ touch
+ smell
+ taste

:::::: different people have different perception ::::::
and this perception was different to one another and it is our right to think differently.
we need to remember that there are also have  error in the cognition.

~~~we CANNOT rigidly following old views 
we must have deeper understanding about something before we follow make it as our habit.
for example::: looking at our friends who was hard core smoker and we  rigidly
following our friends to smoke too even we know that it has bad effects to our health and lives.

~~~ we CANNOT act based on insufficient information.
if we want to believe in something, we must have valid information and considered other information 
and make a good decision.

~~~we MUST AVOID  emotional bias
if someone did something unpleasant to us, we cannot be unjust by accused he/she without any investigation.
give their RIGHT......  

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