Thursday, 27 January 2011


Assalamualaikum to all. 
Okay, today's entry is about Psychoanalysis.  
In the world of Psychology we always heard about Sigmund Freud.
This is the earliest approach to study the personality. 
Since then, other philosopher come out with other theory base on Psychoanalysis theory. 

He was born on 6 May 1856 in Freigberg, Moravia now the town is known as Pribow, Czech Republic. He died on 23 September 1939 in London. 

Sigmund Freud

Levels of Personality
He divided the personality into 3 levels  Conscious, Preconscious, and Unconscious. The Conscious level is basically about our everyday life, something that we aware about it.
Example: When you do something that you plan to do it, so that you are conscious.
 The Preconscious level is the storehouse of memories, perceptions, and thoughts of which we are not consciously aware at the moment but that we can easily summon into consciousness.
Example: when we studying but our mind is somewhere else.
The Unconscious contains the major driving power behind all behaviors and it is the repository of forces we cannot see or control.
Example: our dream.

The Structure of Personality

it related to Level of personality. it consist of Id, Ego and Super Ego.

Id : it is a basic instinct that controlled by our pleasure Principe
Ego : it is the rational respect of personality and it controlled by reality principle.
Super Ego : it is the mediator between Id and Ego and it is about our moral aspect of personality.


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